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C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Battery Operator in Houston, Texas

About Our Company

Grocers Supply , based in Houston, is the largest wholesale grocery supplier in Texas, supplying over 900 independent grocery stores. Grocers Supply serves customers of all sizes, from single store independent retailers to chains, such as: Fiesta, FoodTown, Market Basket, Cox Foodarama / La Fiesta, Sellers Brothers, Minyard Food Stores, G. E. Foodland, and El Rio Grande.

Working Safely is a Condition for Employment with GSC Wholesale, LLC. GSC Wholesale, LLC is proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer, and considers qualified applicants without regard to race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, veteran status or any other protected factor under federal, state or local law.

Position Overview

As a Battery Operator, you will perform the safe, daily operation, monitoring, and maintenance of the battery system. Employee will change batteries in warehouse MHE, ensure there is a sufficient supply of charged batteries, perform basic maintenance of battery area assets, ensure that all assets are in operable condition, maintain a clean area, and perform other tasks as instructed by management.

Job Description


  • Change Batteries in MHE: Employee will change batteries in MHE by ensuring batteries being changed are discharged to proper voltage. Employee will use best method of properly rotating/cycling the battery fleet to ensure all assets are utilized

  • Maintain Supply of Charged Batteries: Employee will ensure all batteries receive a charge by constantly assessing system and ensuring all batteries that need charging receive a charge. This can include moving batteries around to place them at unused chargers, unplugging charged battery and plugging in dead battery at shared chargers, ensuring chargers are operating correctly and putting out proper DC amperage. Employee will ensure batteries are arranged in rack to support proper rotation/cycling

  • Perform basic maintenance and PM to Battery System Assets: Batteries: Water, Wash, Connectors, Contact Tips, Covers, Vent Caps, Watering System, Shrouds. Chargers: Clean exterior, Connectors, Contact Tips, Secure DC Cables to Rack. Battery Rack: Clean, replace rollers and slides, Battery Cars: Clean, repair vacuum cups, minor repairs

  • Maintain a clean work area: Employee will ensure the cleanliness and organization of the battery area to include, but not limited to picking up trash from floor, rack, etc., ensure tools, supplies, etc. are properly stored and organized, battery rack is wiped down and all dust, debris, acid build up is cleaned

  • Ensure all assets are in operable condition: Employee will identify assets that need servicing, will properly label said assets, and will ensure facility lead, manager, supervisor is notified of said issue. Employee will monitor progress of repairs and keep management updated daily

  • Travel Required:No


  • Warehouse : Freezer (-20F to 0F)

  • Warehouse : Perishable Warehouse (28F to 60F)

  • Warehouse : Grocery Warehouse (50F to 90F)


  • Specialized Knowledge :

  • Special Skills :

  • Physical abilities: : Equipment inspections, mechanical repairs and replacements, all which require good mobility, physical exertion, walking, bending, reaching, climbing ladders, carrying tools and parts, etc.

  • Other: :

Years Of Experience

  • 0-2 : Relevant experience.


Attendance, General Equivalency Diploma - General Studies, High School Diploma - General Studies, Initiative, Productivity, Quality, Safety, Values


2nd Shift (United States of America)


GSC Wholesale LLC