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Our mission is to consistently deliver the very best service and value to our customers.

C&S is the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the U.S. and the lead supply chain company in the food industry. From more than 50 high-tech facilities in 16 states, we supply supermarkets and institutions with more than 95,000 different products. And with our continuing commitment to new technologies, C&S is dramatically changing the cost curve of what we can deliver in terms of service and value.

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What We Care About
Quality in Everything We Do

Five words to live by – and we do. The work ethic of a C&S team member is second to none. We get the job done, and we get it done right. There are no exceptions. The most successful C&Sers are true go-getters! If you are motivated and constantly asking for more responsibility, the possibilities are endless.

Braggingly Happy Customers

Our goal is to have customers so pleased with the quality of our service that they tell everyone they know. We dedicate ourselves to anticipating and satisfying customer needs, and we deliver the best service and value we can.

Braggingly Happy Team Members

C&S is a rapidly growing company, and there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious team members to earn greater responsibility. Many of our current supervisors, warehouse managers, and Vice Presidents started as Selectors! Employees have the choice to work in the corporate offices, move laterally in the warehouse, or transfer to other warehouses. These opportunities allow employees at all levels to continue learning and permit C&S to utilize all of the skills of our employees who know the business from many different angles.

Everyone Involved in Everything

Our teams are successfully working to break through the silo model of doing business, emphasizing the importance of interdepartmental communication and interaction. Project teams combine members of multiple departments to have a broad perspective of the business when tackling a challenge, reducing bottlenecks and increasing productivity. Our team members understand that everyone needs to do their part to make the entire operation successful, and that working together to reach our goals makes the end result that much better.

We offer Selectors and Supervisors the opportunity to work in other warehouses. Known as "Special Warehouse Attack Teams," those who become SWAT members are some of the fastest and most knowledgeable and efficient workers in their roles. They are able to jump into a new location and pick up the slack during busy times, holidays, or other times when an extra hand is needed. This is a great opportunity to travel and network with other teams, and to make an impact on the operation of another C&S facility.

Have Fun in the Process

The best way to build a solid team is through camaraderie, so we organizes picnics, employee appreciation celebrations, and other events to bring people closer together and give them the opportunity to set work aside for a few hours. C&S also supports associates who participate in local sports leagues and charity sporting events, as well as employee volunteerism. A recent addition to C&S networking opportunities is the BragNet, our internal networking group.

Giving Back

At C&S we strive to participate in our communities as an engaged, values-driven corporate citizen. Our community involvement is lead by our principles, driven by purpose, and oriented towards outcomes.

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Our History

In 1918, Israel Cohen and Abraham Siegel bought a small brick warehouse and began making grocery deliveries to stores in Worcester, Massachusetts. They named their fledgling enterprise "C&S", and worked hard to build a base of loyal, satisfied customers.

Nearly 100 years later, what started as a small warehouse and a handful of employees has become the largest grocery wholesaler in the U.S.

Today, C&S is recognized as a dynamic and progressive leader in the grocery industry. We are still family-owned and -operated, and still committed to delivering the very best in service and quality to our customers.

What our peers say about us:

  • Progressive Grocer named C&S 2014 Wholesaler of the Year
  • Rising Star Award for Leadership Development Program of the Year, 2013
  • Seven Seals Award for Excellence as a military friendly employer, 2012, Department of Defense
  • Top 100 Adoption-Friendly Workplaces, 2009-2012, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
  • Partner Award for Excellence, Target Corporation, 2010
  • National Grocery Distributor of the Year, Feeding America